Welcome to Fivalco, the industry’s most trusted brand for professionals. With history over 30 years, Fivalco has been an inventor and leading manufacturer of superior flow control products. Today, with manufacturing and distribution facilities in Asia, America, and Europe our products and services reach over 80 countries and millions of people worldwide.

Fivalco’s legacy starts with innovative engineering and superior construction, built upon proven science and cutting-edge technology. Commitment to quality and performance are at the top of our agenda. From start to finish, and design to construction, every piece is built to perfection.

Each valve is pressure tested at 4 times the working pressure and must pass a cycling test of 1000 open/shut operations without failure of any part or component. As an ISO registered manufacturer, we utilize Quality Production System to drive our commitment to continuous improvement.

Our products are design tested and certified by the leading testing agencies, including Underwriters Laboratories and Factory Mutual, based on a wide range of global standards. Fivalco also has been approved by many local jurisdictions including California Fire Marshal.

The success of our company is based on listening to our customers, understanding their needs and developing products and services that meet or exceed their requirements. We work in a collaborative manner with our customers to develop innovative and effective solutions.

Our customer service and technical support are recognized as second to none. Our extensive inventory and swift shipments enhance customers’ competitive edge. We aim for excellence in everything we do.